Nate Sweitzer is a Chicago-born Illustrator who attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. His work places an emphasis on figurative drawing, textural mark-making, and visual storytelling through conceptual solutions. He specializes in book illustration, editorial illustration, and poster design. His work has been awarded and featured by 3x3 Magazine, the American Illustration Awards, the Society of Illustrators, Illustration West, and the One Club for Creativity. His clients include the L.A. Times, Sports Illustrated Kids, The New Republic, Starcut Ciders, the Detroit Pistons,  Park-Rite Detroit, and They Changed the Game, a book about creativity in sports published in 2020. 

For publishing-related inquiries, Nate is represented by Chad W. Beckerman, of the CAT Agency. Contact him at

For more information regarding his process, check out Nate's blog post at Visual Arts Passage.

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